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  • Are you obsessed with Science Fiction movies set in intergalactic worlds or underwater depths? Do you dream of what the future could look like with no cars, climate change reversal or equal access to resources by all living creatures? Are you also interested in Virtual Reality and using technology to alter perceptions? Then this studio is for you!  In this studio, if you can imagine a future very different then now, then you can create it! Imagine creating a VR game where you fly through the Universe on your personally designed hoverboard, or you sketch you and your partners' Avatars on the fly in a Virtual game. In this studio, you will imagine a near-future world based on what you can imagine and within this world, you’ll think about the technologies that will be present.

    Using the power of VR you will be able to create a full simulation of your world. You will learn the basics of Virtual Reality through the multimedia creation tool Unity3D. You will create imaginary projects using sketching, physical modeling, and representation to dream up future worlds along with 3D modeling to represent ideas.


    Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:

       Game Design


       Storyboarding & Storytelling

       Game Production & Editing

      Sound Design & Sound Effect Creation

       3d Modeling

       Adobe Photoshop



    • Enrolling students must be any of the following:
      • High School Student
      • Post-High School Gap Year Student






Summer 2020 NuVu at MIT