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The Multi-Marker

Unstoppable | Projects

  • The inspiration for this project was an 18 year old girl named Sara. She has Cerebral palsy, a disability that affects the subject's control of their own muscles, and can make it very difficult to hold things. We met with her a couple times over a two week period and she expressed a very strong passion for drawing. Sara's first way of drawing involved her using her left foot to draw, but she wanted to learn how to draw with her left hand as well. We proposed a couple designs to her which were made to help her change the color of her marker without assistance.

    The one which we decided on was built off of the principle of the multicolor pen. It works in almost the same way except that instead of pens, there are markers. All four colors are held in a central compartment and connected to servos with wire. The servos are connected to an Arduino which is then connected to a set of pedals. The two pedals cycle through 5 servo positions(1 per color and an off setting) and are easily accessible by anybody. The main part fits in someones hand and can be strapped in if necessary. This devise makes it easy for her to draw with multiple colors, and switch the colors easily and efficiently.