Trick Shots (T1)


Ray Majewski
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Are you looking to gain some street cred? Impress your friends at recess? Go viral on YouTube? In the age of YouTube, everyone has the chance to have their put aside those glorious “15 minutes of fame”, freeze that moment in time, and go viral - … all they have to do is stand out from the crowd. But how? In this studio, students will be examining challenging fantastical trick shots from the “trick shot” of a variety of sports, given activity and challenging the trick and how it is executed, through re-framing it in new ways that enhances the trick, and to alter and enhances the visual feat through the use of a designed device or /hidden prop. After a simple search of any trick shot on YouTube, you quickly learn that everyone is doing the same thing. Countless people attempt the old version of these tricks, but not our students! Through design, prototyping, mechanics, sport dynamics, viral media tendencies and all around coolness, the students in this studio will strive to set the new trick shot standard, redefining the difficulty and intrigue for the user and viewer.