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Toys | Projects

  • Students explored ways of going about documenting and fabricating an idea. Initially, students got their feet wet by practiced going back and forth between sketches on paper and an online modeling software called TinkerCAD. From there they took this process one step further in pursuing an idea all the way through the design and build process. The first step in doing so began on a program called Adobe Illustrator. Here they drew a series of notched shapes which the students then cut out of foam board using a laser-cutter. These notches were then used to fit together these 2D pieces into 3D creatures. Check them out!

  • What is a toy? How are toys made? These were some of the questions students delved into their first day in their studio on Toys. They began by discussing the notion of a toy, before rolling up their sleeves and each taking one apart. The toys dissected ranged from light-up rubber ducks to walking robot figurines to motorized bubble blowers. After disassembling these toys completely down to their smallest pieces, the students began considering how each of the parts were made. This exploration into industrial design and the processes used to make the toy served as an exciting introduction to many of the techniques these students will utilize in their final toy project.