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  • Our documentary focuses on the lives of street performers on the T (Subway Line) in Cambridge, MA. It concentrates on the life of one man, Boris Popovich, who plays flute starting at 5 in the morning, at the Harvard T station. We chose to follow his story because it was interesting and we felt like he had a longer story that we could explore more deeply after initially interviewing him in Harvard Station. We also talked to many other street performers such as Peter the Russian Guitar Man, John Egizi, a well known trombonist at Berklee College of Music, and various other musicians. We also spoke with Julie Barry, the Public Arts Director in the city of Cambridge, for a more professional opinion on street performers and the process of getting a permit. The goal of our movie was to show poeple that street performers are not beggars, but passionate musicians who love their instruments and who dream to perform for listening audiences. We wanted to give people a peak into the world that these musicians create, and help them appreciate the challenges and pleasures of being a street performer. We wanted to show them that these people are truly talented.

  • We started the studio by brainstorming ideas for films. We acumulated a long list of ideas and that night we preparded a pitch for our favorite film idea. The winners were: CRLS food, street performers, and mental health at MIT. We chose to focus on street performers. At first, we thought that our movie would be a compilation of different music and stories from various street performers we would find, but then we found one man who's story was compelling and amazing, and we decided to make him our character. We interviewed him and recorded him playing, and we decided on a good overall scheme of our movie. We chose our music to reflect music of street performers we had heard, and to support the themes we had chosen. We also spent many hours riding around the T filming the trains and the people who pass by street performers every day.