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Alex and Arjun

Sustainable Fashion | Projects

  • Sustainable fashion was an exciting and fun studio that allowed me to create fashionable and reusable clothes and accesories.The first day we learned how to sew rubber inner tubes and add zippers. At first it was difficult to sew the zipper on without sewing the back of the pocket. After I flipped the pocket over and pulled the rubber, I was able to create successful pieces. The next few days, I experimented with different stitches and materials. I learned what what colors looked good with the rubber and that most complex stitch patterns were difficult to sew on the rubber without getting jammed. After, I colaborated with Alex, we decided to create wallets and bracelets. The first wallet we made was a simple rubber one, I added fabric to the wallet to make it stand out. After we wanted to make the wallet thinner and more efficient, we decided to cut diagonal slits to put cards into, as well as an ID slot. It was difficult to stitch because the layers were so thick. After we experimented with denim, we made our final version of the wallet. It cam out really well and we learned a lot from making it. I also made a rubber bracelet with flowers. I had to put fabric in the rubber to make it thicker, then I could out layers of fabric for each flower to give it a 3D effect. Maggie showed me how to hand sew the flowers. I covered the bracelet with flowers and hand stitched them onto the bracelet. I then made a button lock to connect the bracelet. After Sam, Gideon, and I made a crown with different flowers cut out of rubber. We sewed wire within the rubber to give it a shape that can easily go on a head. We then hand sewed them on and spray painted the crown gold. Overall, I had a great time in sustainable fashion and learned what goes behind making stylish clothing and accesories. 

    Challenges we faced: One of the main problems i faced was sewing the rubber. It is a very thick material and the sewing machines could not handle more than three or four layers at a time. This made it difficult to sew the wallet, because in many places it needed four to five layers sewn together, and so we had to sew on Tess's machine, which is a lot more powerful. The other problem i faced was figuring out how to put the chain mail bracelet together. I had to modify it a few times so that it would be smaller and move less.

    Material used:




    Spray Paint



    Clear Vinyl

    Steel Wire

    Wooden Dowel

    Can Caps




    Lessons Alex learned:

    Through the project, the main thing I learned to do was sew, and make chain mail links. I got a lot of practice sewing throughout this project, and I think that in the future, if i ever need to sew anything, i will be able to due to this studio.