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  • War of the Worlds, Wall-E, Toy Story, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Escape From Planet Earth, Monsters Inc...some of the biggest blockbuster movies of recent years (not surprisingly) have been science fiction films. Science fiction films captivate our imagination and we live vicariously through the adventures of the main characters, be it Wall-E & Eve, Woody & Buzz, Scorch & Gary Supernova, or Sulley & Mike. After watching these sci-fi films, have you ever wished you could create your own sci-fi film with your own made-up characters? Have you ever had a sci-fi story that you wanted to tell?

    In this two-week studio, we will introduce students to the art of computer animation and storytelling and the basics behind creating animated films. During the two weeks, students will learn the entire process of creating an animated piece, from pre-production aspects such as storyboarding, to production, including both the technical and directorial side, to post-production, including editing and sound mixing. Students will come up with ideas for stories and then tell these stories through short animated media, and the only thing stopping them is their imagination!

    Under the guidance of NuVu’s coaches and industry experts, students will learn about digital/computer animation, digital art, illustration, graphic design, storytelling, storyboarding, and production.

    Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:


      Digital Art

      Digital Animation


      Social Sciences

      Adobe Photoshop

      Adobe After Effects