Rosa Weinberg and 2 OthersNuradin Bhatti
Richard Lourie

We wanted to create a dress that acted as a monument. This dress was inspired by the book the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. We made a dress that was covered in names because there is a monster on Traal which keeps a large stone outside of it's cave where it writes the name of everyone it kills. We wanted to make a dress that while acts as a monument also can zip up to cover your face. Because the monster on Traal is so stupid that it thinks that if you cant see it, it can't see you. This project really portrays the "ravenous bugblatter beast of Trall".


Nuradin Bhatti and Richard Lourie
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The designs in this studio are all based on or inspired by the planets in the book " The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy". Me and Nuradin were partners. We both read up on the book and the next day came back with three possible planets. As did everyone else. We picked the planet Traal, a jungle planet home to one of the most dangerous creatures in the universe. Fortunately while being very fierce this beast, The ravenous bugblatter beast of Traal, is also the stupidest creature in the universe. It is so stupid that it thinks that if you cant see it, it cant see you.

From that sprouted many ideas of something that would be useful to someone on this planet. The first one was to have some sort of dress or stole with flaps on it that would flip up and cover someone's eyes. That idea would probably take too much time and work for just two weeks so we put that idea in our back pocket and moved on. The design that we settled on was a dress that would go above your head (to cover your face) and also have names written everywhere. This was design was inspired by the way the bugblatter beast of Traal writes the names of everyone he kills outside of his cave. The next day we took the signatures of Rosie, Nuradin and myself and we uploaded it to rhino and cut it out on a piece of fabric. Once we had settled on this design, we started thinking of ways to attach to the body. Nuradin had the idea of making a crown of sorts that would be able to attach to the head so it would hang down. Then we started working on measuring the red body and putting it into Rhino. The design that we ended up with was something with a front and a back. They are also split into three parts. The part that will attach to the crown, the torso and the piece that goes down. After we cut them out we sewed the pieces together with the help of Rosie. When we found something that worked I went around Nuvu with a clipboard asking for peoples signatures. After most people signed we uploaded it to the computer and put it onto the dress. When we cut that out we glued on a peice of gold fabric to the back for that extra pizzazzz but also to make the names more ledgible. Then Rosie sew on a zipper. The helmet is 3d printed and has large rods that stick out so it goes above your head.