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  • Video games with robot characters are returning to the gaming world in full force. Transformers:Devastation is one such game that promises to build an epic multi-year tale around action, intense combat and plenty of Autobot drama to keep its players coming back for more gameplay. And the game’s comic book-inspired graphics introduce a unique visual backdrop. Another robot-themed video game, Fallout:New Vegas, involves Yes Man, a computerized assistant to one of the main characters, who helps thicken the plot with new twists and turns as the game develops. In these games, robots become central characters, helping to build the narrative in the video game that results in unexpected events where players must strategize and combat to get to higher levels. Do you have an idea for the next breakthrough video game? Will a robot apocalypse destroy earth? Or will these savvy machines team up with earthlings to travel across the universe? Come join the gaming fun as we design and build video games this Summer at NuVu!

    In this studio, students will program their own innovative video games using Unity, a cross-platform game engine for video game development and interactive media installations. Send the main character on an interactive virtual quest through multi-continental worlds similar to the World of Warcraft’s land of Azeroth, or design whimsical fantasy worlds like Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom, or create a hybrid sci-fi/fantasy story based in a world like Gaia from Final Fantasy VII! Alongside the game design, students will conceptualize a storyline for the character and flex their digital art skills. After coming up with an initial idea, students will conceive the rules and structure of the game (gameplay). They will then create the game environment, levels, and missions. Finally, we will move to the production phase and bring all the elements together into a single or multi-player online game!

    Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:

      Game Design


      Storyboarding & Storytelling

      Game Production & Editing

     Sound Design & Sound Effect Creation

      3d Modeling

      Adobe Photoshop



    • Enrolling students must be between the ages of 11 to 18 (middle and high school students)

  • When we were creating Cypher, we wanted to create a full and explorable city, but the catch was that we wanted it to be empty. And feel empty too. We wanted the towering empty structures to really convey loneliness when you're walking around the city. You also get a feeling for what the city is like, its bright, neon, and colorful, but at the same time, it lacks life. Which we found to be a great contrast. We found that the huge, industrial/cyberpunk neon theme fit well in this situation.

  • The objective of this studio was to make a video game that would incorporate music. We soon decided that instead of a mobile musical game like we were originally tasked with creating, we wanted to create a racing game that would still have a musical aspect. We split up into different group not limited to the environment, track model, physics, and car model. Using Unity, Rhino, and Garageband we were able to create all of the aspects of our game.





Summer 2016 Residential