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  • Digital Pipa is based on Pipa, a Brazilian Kite fighting game. The objective of Pipa is to cut your opponent's kite string by moving a wii-like remote to control your kite. It is played as a pastime among the Brazilian youth and helps communities come together as a unit.  Pipa is the second largest game in Brazil second only to soccer. It is played all over Brazil and The New York Times did an article on "Kite Fight'. My project would help people from all over understand and experience kite fighting in a way as similar to the Brazilian way as possible. In the video done by the New York Times, the boy Breno says "When we fly a kite up high we feel free" which symbolizes the Brazilian's nature to want to fly and how this game is as important to them spiritually as mentally.

    The digital version of the game is similar to the original game except that it is controlled using a wii-like remote to control the kite. This project would help people from all over the world understand how Pipa is played and why it is so pivotal to their culture. It uses an accelerometer to measure where it is in space. Processing then takes that data and uses it to move the kite on the Y and X axises on the screen. How you orient the accelerometer according to yourself is how the accelerometer measures its data. Because the game itself is 2 dimensional it only uses 2 dimensions of rotation on the accelerometer.