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Creative Sieves

Proto-Graphic | Projects

  • Kata Khakali
    Creative Sieves: An art kit that explores the therapeutic action of creating art. The kit is composed of several unique templates and tools allowing the user to experiment and create interesting designs using sand and light. 

    Many people of all ages struggle with stress and anxiety. The population suffering from stress and anxiety is rapidly growing, and many don't know how to cope or make themselves feel better. Creative Sieves was created to help.  

    Creative Sieves is a meditation machine that combines the therapeutic elements of creating art and playing with kinetic sand. The machine provides the user with several unique tools and templates for creating art and discovering different properties of light, sand, and salt as they react with these templates. A Zen ambiance radiates from the use of these materials, making the user instantly feel calm. The wooden templates, with different cut-out shapes, fit on top of a frame.  The frame and template are also removable that was specifically made so that the user could compare the designs of the templates without destroying the designs. Creative Sieves highlights the meditative benefits of repetition and will help put minds in a state of pure serenity.  

    Rosa Boehm

    Creative Sieves: A therapeutic machine designed to reduce stress. The machine enables the user to create cool motifs using kinetic sand and compare results when light is filtered through each design.

    Adults and teenagers alike struggle with stress and anxiety. According to Time magazine, a common trend is for the younger generation to have higher stress levels than prior generations. Creative Sieve is a machine designed to help with this by creating a Zen-like atmosphere for people experiencing high levels of stress.

    The machine enables its user to experiment with different designs as they create cool motifs using kinetic sand and then compare results when light is filtered through each design. Kinetic sand has also been used as a therapeutic method to help children calm down and the hope is that this machine will help older patients to similarly benefit from this as well. Our sandbox is made from 1/4 inch wood and the frame for our falling salt and light is made from a thinner kind of wood. To make this machine work, you will need to go into a dark space and turn on flashlight from your phone, then you will shine the light over the chosen template thus creating a cool motif on the black paper. After doing this, people can compare their motif to the motif they designed using sand in the sandbox. The hope is that after comparing the two, people will develop a sense of calmness and their minds will be put at ease.