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  • We started out this studio interested in creating a device that would force people to take a break from work. At first, we thought of something that would catapult a ball that you had to retrieve. Once the ball was flung off into space, an annoying sound would play and wouldn't stop until the ball was back into position. We kept up with this for a while, but decided that the project was too mechanical and was too shallow of a project. 

    After brainstorming of new ways we could achieve the same goal, we decided to hit two birds with one stone. Most everyone doesn't drink enough water throughout the day. We are all guilty of it. It is an integral part of staying healthy, yet we neglect drinking water repeatedly. We decided to make a coaster that would make you drink water as well as take a break from work.

    The coding was fairly simple, all it needed to do was start a timer when it sensed a water bottle. After 15 or so minutes, it would glow and vibrate signalling you to take a sip. We wired the pressure sensor, LEDs, and vibration motor to an Arduino Nano and bread board but figured that it would be too thick to house in a small coaster. If the coaster is too thick, it wouldn't look very good, so we used a solderable bread board to cut down on the width. After it was wired up, we needed to make the coaster itself. 

    The coaster itself is composed of 4 pieces. The electronics holder, the cover, pressure plate, and plate ring. The electronics holder holds everything together and houses the arduino and battery. The cover has small sections coming off of it upside down to hold the LED's and vibration motor in place. The pressure plate pushes down on the pressure sensor evenly so that it will give a good reading everytime a water bottle is placed on it. The plate ring holds the pressure plate in place.

    Putting it together proved to be a bit difficult, but all of the components fit fairly perfectly. The way its designed, there are no wires or black box outside of it making it a sleek, self contained unit.


  • We created a smart coaster for people to use on a daily basis. A big part of your health and wellbeing is drinking enough water regularly throughout the day. In order to solve this problem we made the H2cOaster. When you place your water bottle onto the coaster, it will start a counter. After 15 minutes is up, the coaster will light up and vibrate indicating that you have to take a sip of water. If the bottle isn't picked up it will continue to vibrate and glow until you take a sip. After the water bottle is put back on, it will restart the counter. Once you have depleted all water from your water bottle, it will notify you again, but this time the user will be signlaled to take break from what they are doing and refill their water bottle. Hopefully, this will encourage them to drink more water and make a habit of doing so.