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Amanda Brown
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Designed to raise victim awareness, Din is a game in which the players are seated at a "Thanksgiving dinner" and someone brings up a protest or a protester who was killed. After a protest or victim card is turned over, “guest” players choose one of five adjective cards from their hand (e.g., lawful, brilliant, justified) and must use that adjective as they debate the  merits of the protest and victim. The host then awards the protest or victim card to the winner of the debate, who becomes the new host. The victim and protest cards include a faded photo of the victims or protest with a description and a laser-cut headline. By putting faces to names of victims, and including information about their lives and aspirations that is not common knowledge, Din aims to make sure the victims and their causes are never forgotten. Also, the hope is that  the Thanksgiving style format, will make players feel comfortable with their surroundings and be more open to talking to their families about the issues raised.