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The Donut

Pet Furniture | Projects

  •     Our project is an interactive lawn chair for a dog and human called The Donut. The insides of this donut-shaped chair are hollow, allowing most dogs to run through in case he/she wants shade, or he/she can simply next to the human’s feet in the middle of The Donut. This chair brings dogs and humans together in an environment that is comfortable for both species.

        Average folding lawn chairs today are simple, and not dog friendly. Also, the lush grass underneath dies from a lack of sunlight. In contrast, The Donut was made to give a dog and human a sense of intimacy and companionship surrounded by the outdoors.  Due to the spaces between the layers in the bottom half of the chair, water and sunlight can seep softly and quietly into its interior.  This keeps dogs involved with the outdoors while maintaining shade under the shell of the chair.  With beautifully layered wood, and an in-built seat that blends with the rounded design of The Donut, this chair will be a beautiful piece of furniture for an outdoor space. By creating a comfortable outdoor space for both dogs and humans we help to make the bond between the two species stronger than it is already.

  • Slide 1:

    - We designed the Donut; an outdoor seat for both dogs and humans.

    Slide 2:

    - This image captures the bond between human and dog

    Slide 3:

    - Our project is a piece of outdoor furniture that allows dogs and humans to interact comfortably.

    - Humans can sit on the seat part of the structure while dogs have the option to either sit in the center, or crawl through the hollow insides of the structure to lay down and get shade

    Slide 4:

    - Here is a bench that was cut with a CNC machine and is installed at Harvard.

    -  There is usually a design technique associated with making structures using a CNC Machine

    - This technique usually involves stacking shaped layers that morph so that when all the layers are put together, the structure looks like one solid structure.

    Slide 5:

    -This is another bench made with a CNC machine, however to connect all of the layers, they used dowels.

    Slide 6:

    - Here is a rocking chair that captures the same aspect of human and dog interaction as ours.  

    - This chair also seems to aim for comfort with both the human and the dog

    Slide 7:

    - Here was one of the early sketches that we had

    - We thought that this looked too worm-like, however is did capture the idea of both nature, a tunnel, and the piece of human and dog interaction.

    Slide 8:

    -  Our coach recommended a smaller size donut shaped structure

    - We started taking measurements and dimensioning,

    -This was made by using the sweep2 command in Rhino and sweeping an arch along 2 curves.

    - The only problem with this was that there was no seat for the human to sit on.

    -This also was too closed in

    Slide 9:

    - After making many iterations using a loft command, while changing one element of the structure each time (i.e.. ellipse diameter, height, etc.), we decided on the fourth iteration because it was rather short, so it seemed to make nice open space to sit in.

    - The opening to the center of the structure was also wide so that the structure could feel less closed

    Slide 10:

    - This is one of he ways we tried to make the seat for the project.

    - We tried to loft the seat so that we could use the booleanDifference command to cut the seat out of the rest of the structure

    - Using the loft command proved to create imperfections in the seat object that we would use to subtract from the larger structure

    - We needed the structure and the lofted seat to line up perfectly.

    Slide 11:

    - This was how we thought we would make the structure stable

    - We thought that we would have horizontal arches that notched into the vertical arches

    Slide 12:

    - This is the final iteration called "The Donut"

    - Here, we made the seat by making the its curves part of the arches that became lofted to make the structure.  This way both the seat and the rest of the structure were made at the same time.

    - One can also tell that we decided to cut the object into layers from bottom to top instead of having morphing arches around an ellipse.  The reason we did this was because the original method, when imported into the cutting software 123D Make, created too many errors, making it the original assembly method unachievable.

    -There is also spacing between the layers below the seat so that the tunnel is less daunting and scary for the dog to go through or into.  The reason this helps is because it lets light into the space.

    Slide 13:

    - Here one can see that the components of the Donut are: humans sitting, gardens and nature, and human and dg interaction.

    Slide 14:

    - These are the uses of the Donut.

    - As you can see there are many uses for the Donut some of which include plain sitting and resting, and some of which include a dog going into the tunnel of the Donut for shade.

    Slide 15:

    - Here is an assembly diagram showing how the pieces stack together

    Slide 16:

    - Here is a GIF, animating how the pieces stack together

    Slide 17:

    - Final picture

    Slide 18:

    - Final picture

    Slide 19:

    - Final Picture

  • Our project is a interactive lawn chair for a human and a dog. This chair is hollow, so that the dog can run through in case he/she wants shade, or it can lay at the human’s feet.


    Lawn chairs today are simple, and not very accommodating to a dog, wanting to relax and be with their owner. Also, the grass underneath dies from no water or sunlight. This chair was made to give the owner and their dog a sense of intimacy. Also, this chair was made to be outside, surrounded by colorful flowers and lush grass. Since it is hollow, and has cracks, water and sunlight can seep softly and quietly through. It is in addition aesthetically pleasing, with beautifully cut cmc wood, and a seat built in. This keeps the grass lush and pretty. 

        If your dog is hot, it can run underneath the shade of the hollow chair, so it can relax after being in the harsh sun for too long. Then, there is an open circle where your dog can lay by your feet, with you sitting comfortably above. Your dog can be under you on both sides, and run around you happily. This chair gives you a sense of togetherness with your animal, and at the same time accommodates your animal and you.