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  • Students in highschool are under neverending pressure to perform. So when the time comes for us to do so much as take a test... we panic! Melting Time is a stress free timer that is very visually appealing. It works by helping students in stressful situations to relax and focus on what is really important.

    Taking tests or exams under a time limit is one of the most stressful activities any student will encounter. The Childline National Exam Stress Survey announced that 96%, of the 1300 students that took the survey, suffered from extreme anxiety before and during exams. Our group decided that students should have a timer to help them stay calm and focused on whatever work they are doing. The first thing we noticed was that time is very incorporated with the melting of ice, so we decided to create an idea off of that. Ice melting is a very relaxing visual, so we figured this would help with highschool students during stressfull moments. For example if your taking a test, you already have enough on your mind. You do not want to see a timer that is counting down the precious seconds. Instead, looking at a calming, silent, very fluid and relaxing object slowly melt will force you to take a step back, and just relax. Our project slowly lowers rings until the object is flat on the ground. It is a very relaxing visual that keeps your mind on what matter. We hope our creation can do good things for students. It is a very helpful tool that we hope can help out.