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The Cake Kit

Pastry Architecture | Projects

  • Daria's Brief: The  Cake Kit is a DIY cake kit that comes in a portable box with a variety of pastry creams, toppings, and flavor injections and two pieces of plain, pre-baked cake as vessels for all the flavors. All of the elements are rather simple of their own, but together they can make a great dessert. All of the creams, toppings, and flavor injections are "green" flavors (mint, lime, etc.) to add an element of surprise when constructing a dessert. Though the user is pretty sure what flavors they are putting on their cake, they will not know for sure what flavor they added until they taste it. The box also has fold-down sides that have a built-in plate and utensils, which allows the user to bring the box anywhere to build, plate, and eat their dessert.

    The Cake Kit is an accessible way to start making one's own dessert without having to make everything from scratch. By making it easier to start creating pastries, it will lead to engaging more people in baking and preparing the food they eat in general. Making one's own food and knowing what one eats is more important than ever in today's world filled with McDonald's and Oreos, and the Cake Kit helps people eat healthier by introducing them to the art of making their own food.

    Tony's Brief:

    The Cake Kit is a pastry kit that comes in a box, the user can use the kit to assemble their ideal pastry by changing ingredients and ingredient amounts. Lik a house kit, the user can change something complex into something that they want. The user can do this by adding more or fewer cremes, soaks. or topping, or none at all.

    This pastry kit is designed to give the user satisfaction of making something for themselves., and also to be similar to a puzzle. The user can use all of the ingredients, very few, or somewhere between. Two fully ready to eat cakes are provided in the kit. The box it comes in starts out small and opens to be very large. The pastry has a certain amount of ingredient combinations but the amounts can be adjusted to give preferred sweetness and flavor levels. The project gives the user a sense of satisfaction from making something for themselves.