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  • The project will support Heidi Latsky with her mission to create a moving and revolutionary performance art piece that challenges people's biases and prompts conversation about disability. Amy Meisner is a dancer with Heidi Latsky’s Dance Company. She danced professionally as a young adult but eventually quit to pursue social work. She mentioned that the last role she auditioned for was in the ballet, Aphrodite. Even though she did not receive the role she says it stayed with her as her farewell to ballet. She started experiencing symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis a few years after quitting dance. She spoke about how, to get to the house of a client of hers that lived on a hill, she had to cling to a chain link fence for support. As her symptoms worsened she had to use a wheelchair. Many years after her diagnosis she was convinced to dance with Heidi Latsky Dance company. She also spoke about her insecurities, both her MS and her age brought her farther from her idea of the ideal dancer.

    The Evening Star is a chest piece made out of multiple chains of interlocking small clear acrylic triangles. The chains are an artistic representation of the chain link fence Amy used for support. The chains also represent Amy’s personal armor with their references to chainmail. The chest piece itself is comprised of multiple concentric chains. The draping of the chains is meant to show the Grecian influence from the ballet Aphrodite. The triangle links also make the chain look like crystals, a reference to Amy’s love of them. The piece is attached by an adjustable strap that rests on the wearer’s shoulders. As Amy is in a wheelchair the designs are focused on the front of her body.