Rosa Weinberg
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Alec Chang and Siena Jekel
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Siena Brief: A hand-cranked radio player mounted on a street sign to allow pedestrians to play music and draw attention to a store called Cheapo Records. This record player is  hand-cranked so pedestrians can use to play music and to have fun. this will be mounted to a street sign. Its purpose is to draw attention to a store called Cheapo records. This project is also showing the development of Cheapo Records over the years, as it has been around since 1945, this project will be decorated with the history of record players and the history of Cheapo, This will be shown with drawings and printed pictures. This project uses laser-cut gears screwed onto a crank, and one of these gears is  under a record with wood glue. there is also a 3d printed holder for the needle. Cheapo is the last record store around in Central Square as many record stores have  gone out of business.  this project will help draw more attention to Cheapo records, This will change the world by letting people interact with other people on the streets, as well this could stop some social problems as well, by letting people interact with each other. This project is for Cheapo Records and the community of Central Square  The basic technology of this project is that you turn gears that are connected to a hand crank and when you turn the crank the record spins. a person interacts with this project by spinning a hand crank as gears spin, and their is one gear connected to the bottom of the record but can be taken off.

Alec Brief:
A flamboyant record player that draws attention and customers to Cheapo Records, a longstanding record store located along Mass Ave. The Cheapo Record Player is a box-shaped record player attached to a street sign right outside Cheapo Records so that pedestrians or customers of cheapo records and can play a record by turning a crank. By drawing attention to a store that might otherwise be overlooked, and advertising records in an unconventional, interesting way. This product addresses gentrification in Central Square and its impact on well-established, family owned businesses that are vital to not just to the community in the square, but also to American culture. A gear attached to the underside of the record platter is spun by another gear that has a crank mounted on it. The ratio of the two gears is set according to the RPM of a specific record [do you mean that the ratio and gears can be adjusted to specific records? clarify- this makes it sound like only one record can be played]. A needle is mounted on a 3D-printed joint and a plastic cone amplifies the sound from the needle. The entire player is attached to a box which, in turn, is anchored to a street sign outside of Cheapo Records. Our product is essentially a record player but it is operated by hand and it is mounted on a street sign. When a customer purchases a record they can play it outside, have conversations with passersby about the music, and inspire others to step into the store.