Stefano Pagani and 2 OthersLouie Adamian
Aveen Nagpal

Laser PCB: a prototyping device automates prototyping Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) using the fast high-resolution methods used in production manufacturing without the need for a large facility and team.

All previous solutions for prototyping PCBs have been low resolution, unreliable, and/or expensive. We set out to make a device that produces PCB by adapting professional manufacturing techniques for use in an inexpensive, small, fully automated device. initially, the designed used modifying laser paper printers to dispense the resist disassembling 5 printers and breaking 2 before realizing that printers have too many sensors and timers and are made to be as inexpensive as possible so they are not modifiable without being broken.

 After exploring different ways of depositing or hardening resist the conclusion was the best way is to harden normal photoresist with a UV 405nm laser. In the past people have used a laser cutter to etch away resist the problem with this technique is using a normal gantry laser cutter it is very slow and with the rasterization the edges are rough.