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  • Flux: a wearable art piece designed for Heidi Latsky. The piece is meant to look rigid but moves in a fluid way, reflecting her tough but kind personality.

    In interviews Heidi Latsky, who runs the company Heidi Latsky Dance, initially comes across as intense and tough, but she is actually a very kind and “soft” person. The wearable ‘Flux’ incorporates this nuance of her personality, as it looks rigid but moves in a fluid way.

    Improvements made to the original version focused on better craftsmanship with regard to durability and attunement to the wearer’s motions. The piece comprises 113 separate pieces that are sewn together with white elastic string to form an organic amoeba-like shape. Each laser-cut piece is made of white corrugated plastic and has mirrored Mylar glued on the top. When Heidi dances, the motion imparted to the pieces creates a ripple-like effect and the mirrored front reflects the surrounding area, giving the impression of motion, even though the individual pieces are rigid.

    This piece started in the initial Juxtapose studio and we continued it for Open Innovation because we wanted to make a piece that had better craftsmanship and would move with Heidi’s body in a more fluid way.