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  • The project is a physical manifestation of what goes on in Leslie's life, from dancing and ballet, to burlesque and sideshow. This wearable sculpture embodies her elegant and badass nature.

    The sculpture bends the idea of a traditional tutu. It allows the audience to attempt to see who Leslie is through the piece in her performance. We tried to incorporate her past present and future together in this single sculpture. The overall twirling shape represents bandages being taken off on one of Leslie's major surgery. We have taken her ideas and tips to make this wearable specific to her. Her loving of the Harlequin diamond really motivated a push in creativity towards the end product. The flowing pattern shows grace and elegance. However the subtle differences across this wearable bring Leslie's idea to life. This piece should make the audience think about the show and Leslie. The use of wood over any other material should reinforce the point that this is indeed a wearable sculpture, not a dress. however the main idea is that beauty is everywhere.