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Maya Paul
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Maya Paul
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Process Post

Maya Paul and Teresa Lourie
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"Faces" is a short film that tells a story through metaphors. We found inspiration in other short animations, TV shows, and photography. We wanted to tell our story using our two unique art styles. We made a story about two different versions of our character, one growing flowers to signify growth and self-acceptance. The other version of our character has a snake coming out of its mouth, signifying the girl's inner doubt and self-loathing. We started our creative process brainstorming different plots. At first, we wanted to make an animation of a person morphing into different people. Then we started thinking about self-exploration and self-acceptance. We eventually decided on a story line of a girl become more and more depressed in a time-lapse style, but we also wanted to make her get better and become happy. We decided that one person would animate her getting better, and the other would animate her getting worst. We wanted to have them play at the same time, so we made them the same amount of frames.

The final product consists of the two sequences playing side by side with a wall that forms between them, showing the split within our character. At the end, the wall is lifted and the snake is showing moving to the other side of the screen, showing a reconnect between the two versions. We made both of the versions of the girl in separate files, then merged them together adding the wall and the snake coming to the other side.

We had some issues when merging our files because they were slightly different sizes we had to resize our animation which moved some of the components. If we had more time, we would want to make the girls interact with each other and have some way to clarify that they are the same person.