Brief Presentation

Evelyn Baranski
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This project is an art installation, that replicates the phenomena of clouds parting. This project is supposed to give the user joy and delight.

The occurrence of clouds parting and the sun shining through is often overlooked, unnoticed, or invisible to an observing eye. Naturally, due to weather patterns in New England, consistently we examine long periods of time where clouds cover the sky day, and night. When sunlight breaks through clouds, it is a truly beautiful natural occasion. The "Clouds Parting" project replicates an abstract view on the fascinating miracle that the average human fails to observe.

In the a previous studio, this installation was just something made to replicate a type of light dialogue. As we reworked our first model, we hoped to make it much more efficient. We also combined our ideas to try and add a purpose to our project. We considered many different uses for our project however, we grasped the idea of making it a interactive and fun piece that would be mounted on a wall. We researched cloud-like installations from art galleries around the world. We hoped that they would shed a light of influence and ideas onto our project. We ended up using mobile cloud pieces of acrylic over an LED light, to make our project extra dynamic. The installation uses four programmed servos, along with a set of wooden arms to move the layers of acrylic over the light. The arms are controlled by a button, sending signals to the servos that make the layers open and close. All of wires, arduinos, and light are inside of a box we created out of thin wood. We wanted our project to bring joy to everyone of any size, and age.


Evelyn Baranski
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