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NuVu 1-2-3 | Projects

  • I made a device that tells you if you are forgetting something you need when you leave your house. It consists of an Arduino, a Voice Recognition Shield, and a Text to Speech module. The VR shield remembers the words phone, keys, and wallet, though the device becomes more helpful when you add more items. On Easy Voice Commander I trained the words wallet, keys, and phone to be recognized verbally. I merged the code from the text to speech module and the VR shield and added a function called listen which allows me to use 2 Software Serial connections in my project (both the text to speech module and the voice recognition shield need one.) The text to speech module comes with different voices. I picked Perfect Paul because it was the clearest and least annoying. In the code for the text to speech module I made it say “Please list the things you are carrying” and “you forgot your keys,” “you forgot your wallet,” and “you forgot your phone.” When the voice recognition doesn’t pick up one or more of the words phone, wallet or keys, it tells you which one you didn’t say. After 10 cycles of 5 seconds (including the time it took to say the words) it would tell you what you forgot. The final product works, but there are many flaws.