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Penguin Glider

Nothing to Something | Projects

  • Kevin's Brief:

    The Penguin Glider is a penguin ride-on toy that is foot powered and so that toddlers can ride around outside while helping clean up trash off the streets. 

    The Penguin Glider was made to help teach people about the impact of their actions on penguin populations, which are declining and in some cases endangered. Driving cars contributes to air pollution responsible for climate change which melts their iceberg habitats. It is also covered in fishing net because they are also dying from getting caught in them. When plastic litter makes its way to the ocean, penguins can choke on it. The Penguin Glider aims to establish environmentally-friendly habits in children by teaching them not to litter and to use alternative methods of transportation. The Penguin Glider also has a beak that is controlled by the child driving it, the beak can reach out and grab litter and can drop it in a basket so they can properly dispose of the litter later. the use of skateboard trucks and wheels allow the penguin to glide along the ground and makes for easy turning by leaning side to side. 

    Ava's Brief:

    The Penguin Glider is a rideable penguin that toddlers sit on and use their feet to push themselves forwards. It also includes a trash arm claw that will pick up trash and dispose of it inside the penguin.

    Ten out of the 18 species of penguins in the world are now endangered because of either fishing nets, or global warming. Penguin Glider aims to spread awareness to toddlers about penguins who are suffering from either losing their habitats to global warming, dying from digesting garbage, or getting caught in fishing nets.The Penguin Glider is unique because it provides an environmentally-protective message and reinforces environmentally-friendly habits on several levels. The beak-like trash grabber that extends from the penguin’s mouth helps the toddlers have a hands-on, fun learning experience from this toy. As they ride along, the children will learn to pick up trash when they see it by having a trash grabber that will come out of the penguin's mouth and act as a beak. This helps them learn to pick up trash when they see it because it is a fun and engaging way to do it, and it will hopefully enforce habits of picking up trash. A hollow wooden frame gives the penguin its shape and holds a basket for the garbage that is picked up with the trash-grabber claw. The Claw extends at a slant from where the toddler sits to emerge through the beak. This allows the toddler sitting on the penguin to have control over the claw, so as they push it forwards to make it go out and collect the trash, and pull it back inside the penguin to drop the garbage that they just collected into the basket. On top of the pinchers on the claw, is a 3D-printed covering that screws into the pincers to make the claw look like the penguin's beak. Because it is a ride-on toy, with an appealing shape and design, the children will also learn about other fun ways to get around that does not release gases that contribute to global warming. The shape and look of the penguin will draw the toddler in to want to ride out, and they will see how using other alternatives than driving can be just as, or even more fun than driving. The final thing that the toddlers will learn is how our oceans are filled with drifting fishing nets that can cause something as beautiful, and adorable as a penguin to become all tangled up in a fishing net making it less beautiful. They learn this from the Penguin Glider because the design itself, which constructs a penguin out of fishing net, alludes to the fact that drifting fishing nets frequently trap penguins and have endangered their populations. Although the penguin is made from wood, A layer of fishing net on top of the wooden frame creates the illusion that the penguin is made from fishing net.