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The Cocoon Room

Nomadic Architecture | Projects

  • We first came up with different ideas, then came back together to create a final project.We had agreed on this cool idea of having a tent hanging for the side of a building. We all liked our ideas and combining the two created the cocoon room. 

    We were inspired by multiple images on the internet, like the tents mountain climbers setup when they are camping on the side of a mountain we thought it would be cool to hve a tent hang outside of a window . There was also a hollow tree house that inspired us to change the model and spreadout he wood. Then after making the first prodotype we figured out a way to improve the design. 


  • One detail of the Cocoon Room that was subject to many changes through the iterative process was the storage compartment under the floor. First, the storage space was going to be without walls, then, we decided that it might be beneficial to have walls around the storage space in order to protect the belongings of the individual.

    The first design of the walls was to have plywood perpendicular to the floor (image 1). This initial design would have have distinct edges where the plywood connected but would be lightweight. The wall design was then changed in order to fit better with the form of the cocoon (image 2), thin cross sections of plywood parallel to the floor would be stacked to create a wall which would help keep the form of the room. This design proved to be very heavy and would cause the already weighty shelter to be even harder to move.

    In the end, the walled storage compartment was abandoned for a storage compartment protected by the cloth covering. This design was much more lightweight, allowed the collapsed form of the shelter to be smaller by about half, and decreased the amount of material used.