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  • With “The portable golf club” you can play golf at any time and anywhere, with or without a ball. The portable golf club measures your putting speed to see if you did the perfect swing for a hole either five, ten or fifteen feet away. 

    A lot of work is needed just to play the simple game of golf.  One has to bring all of their clubs, balls and tees over to a golf course in order to play the sport. However, the portable golf club makes all of this much more simpler. Rather than needing all the equipment and the course all you need is the club itself. The club will tell you if the hole is five, ten or fifteen feet away before you try and sink the put. As you swing, the club will measure how fast the club was moving to see if you would have exerted the right amount of force on the ball for it to go into the hole. Not only will the golf club help you perfect your putting game but it will also make you feel like you are a professional golfer at the same time. You can hear the roars of the crowd after you make the putt and hear the disappointment after a heartbreaking miss. This golf club uses many different technologies and advancements to create a realistic simulation of golf putting. During this process, we used a gyroscope to most accurately take measurements of the motion of the swing.  We also used and refined our programming, 3D printing and mechanical designing skills during our creation of “the portable golf club”

  • Hoop Notes brings two completely different, yet widely celebrated, passions together using modern day technology and unique innovation.

    Dribbling drills are boring. Hours grinding on and off court can drive one insane and can soften the interest to play ball. To make this monotonous task much more interesting and even much more entertaining, our product is foremost in bringing a crossroads to the world of basketball and music. This brings the boredom out of practice and the groove of drum beats into how kids and adults play basketball forever.  Hoop Notes is crafted using velostat costed with copper tape on either side. Electrical wires protruding from the velostat mats are then connected to an arduino that reads the code behind Hoop Notes. To customize your collection of Hoop Note pads, you can purchase different colored pad covers to not only protect the pad itself, but to also give color to the cool new concept that Hoop Notes bring to Basketball. Join the ranks of the Future Basketball stars and start practicing with Hoop Notes Today! 

  • Our project turns ping pong into an interactive sound experience. 

    Ping pong is a game that is already very fun. Our project enhances the ping pong experience by incorporating musical elements into the game. The table and ping pong paddles are hooked up to piezo sensors, which detect vibrations. A sound is produced  when the table is hit and another sound is produced when the ball hits each one of the paddles. Players can activate different sample sounds and change certain aspects of the sound depending on which object the ball hits. Our project is also able to keep track of the score for the players. It does this through a set of win conditions that we programmed in Arduino. We also used a sound design program called Max MSP to change the sound in different ways.

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  • In this studio students will work with sound, and will explore storytelling through everyday objects augmented with acoustic events. Students will learn about sound starting from its nature as a physical phenomenon. They will be introduced to Max MSP, a sound generation and editing software with a visual programming language, which will be one of the main tools in the development of their projects.