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Memory Maker Mask

Mobile Health (Brain) | Projects

  • The device is designed specifically to enchance the memory of the users.  First of all, it will directly influence the consolidation of memory while being used by utilizing an in-phase auditory and visual stimulation which influences slow oscillation sleep where memory is known to be consolidated.  This alone will prove beneficial opposed to simply emitting constant stimulation at a slow frequency, since it reacts directly to the users brain which has been proven to increase memory capacity by up to 200%.  This short term effect will be useful for all, for example it can enable users to benefit greatly from power naps, or simply increase the effeciency of studying because it will make it easier to retain the knowledge.

    However, another, less understood, benefit from this device comes from its ability to work with brain plasticity to enchance memory consolidation long term.  The device will essentially be instilling a habit into the brain of preforming more slow oscillaition cycles, and should over time end up influencing this upon the brain even when it is not being used.  This, while beneficial to all, will especially be useful for insomnia patients, and various other patients with other disorders.  The reason being, a majority of insomnia patients have trouble achieving the state of deep sleep in which these slow oscillation cycles occur.  Therefore, by creating this habbit in their brains, it will succeed in enabling them to continue sleeping throughout the night without neccesarily continuing to use the device every night.