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  • Digital modeling and fabrication are revolutionizing how people around the world are able to design, prototype, manufacture, and learn through the process of making. Access to low-cost production tools, such as laser cutters, 3D printers and desktop CNC machines, is helping to bring the design and production process into homes, small businesses, and schools.

    In this workshop, we’ll show you the basics of digital modeling and fabrication (specifically 2D modeling and laser cutting methods) in the context of a broader design challenge. With these basics, you can adapt and enhance your curriculum (be it science, math, humanities, etc.) with a hands-on component of making that’ll get you and your students excited to learn!

  • Digital modeling and fabrication is a process that joins design with production through the use of 3D modeling software or computer-aided design (CAD) and additive and subtractive manufacturing processes. 3D printing falls under additive, while machining falls under subtractive.

    Digital fabrication is a type of manufacturing process where the machine used is controlled by a computer. The most common forms of digital fabrication are: CNC Machining: where, typically, shapes are cut out of wooden sheets.

  • 1.5 hours:

    Intro to Digital Fabrication (5 minutes)
    Orthographic Projection: Overview & Activity (20 minutes)
    2D Rhino: Tutorial & Activity (30 minutes)
    2.5D Rhino: Tutorial & Activity (35 minutes)


    2 hours:

    2.5D Rhino: Tutorial & Activity (10 minutes)
    Production: Print, Cut, Assemble Animals (20 minutes)
    2.5D Rhino: Build Your Own Animal Activity (30 minutes)
    Production: Print, Cut, Assemble Animals (20 minutes)
    Presentation (5 minutes)
    Digital Fabrication in Your Classroom or Makerspace (30 minutes)
    Wrap-up (5 minutes)