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Second Skin

Juxtapose IV | Projects

  • "Second Skin": A sock-like wearable that evokes a snake in order to plays with people’s perceptions of weakness and strength through in humans and animals.

    Peter is a dancer for the company Heidi Latsky Dance. He  The wearable "Second Skin" is designed to resonate with him and represent him to the audience  in an emotional and metaphorical sense. The wearable slips onto the leg about 3/4 up the leg .  With slits running down the middle and flat, scale-like bjects with intricate designs sewn into the sides and running diagonally down the leg.  Flux is meant to evoke a snake,.   Someone unfamiliar with snakes might assume they are weak and helpless without limbs, not understanding that snakes have a compensatory strength.  Similarly, when people see Peter in his wheelchair they are likely to make assumptions about what he can and can’t do. They would not guess that he is a great dancer and uses his wheelchair in his dance performances to better his craft and create something beautiful.