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Steam Washing Machine

Junkyard Automata | Projects

  • Kevin:

    A washing machine made out of found materials that uses little water and no electricity. 

    The Steam Washer is made for people in natural disaster areas or for people living in an area with little water or no electricity. This washing machine will allow people in those areas to clean their clothes without buying a large electrically powered machine. The washing machine consists of two parts, the barrel that you put the clothes in and the heating on the bottom to produce the steam. The barrel of the washing machine is spun with a planetary gear that can be found in a salad spinner. Instead of soaking the clothes in water the washing machine sends steam through the clothes to kill bacteria. The steam condenses on the ceiling of the machine and drips back down into a paint can at the bottom. A propane stove or other heat source can be used to heat the water in the cans to create the steam. The Heating section was made so the user can bend copper piping however they want so that it can accommodate different heat sources. All the user has to do to use the washing machine is heat up a stove and spin a hand crank for a few minutes.

    Noah's Brief

    The Steam Washer: a machine that provides a cleaning option for people without electricity or with limited clean water. A rectangular stove at the bottom of the washer uses propane to heat up and boil water in a paint can above stove. The boiling water evaporates to create steam that sanitizes clothes in the load space.

    1.2 billion people on Earth do not have access to power. The Steam Washer addresses sanitation issues in people without power. Able to operate without electricity and with limited water, The Steam Washer is designed to help support people without electricity. The Steam Washer consists of a propane stove, a metal bucket which needs to be filled with water, and a grated drum which holds the clothes and is spun by the user. The homemade machine helps illustrate to its viewers that useful tools can be created by using scraps.