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  • The final prototype my the Sleep-enhancing headband is finally complete! After last deciding that we were better off not making a headband containing anything hard/uncomfortable, I switched over to trying to make something relatively similar to sleeping masks already in existance. After taking note what I liked from those designs, I began to model our headband using Rhino. Once I had finished making this design, I exported it to the laser cutter, cutting out the exoskeleton piece out of a black foam material. When this was done, I then cut out two copies of felt with the same "mask" shape to sandwich the LED lights and EEG devices. 

    Once I had all the materials ready to go, I was then ready to move onto the sewing process. I had to carefully sew the LED strip to one of the pieces of felt, ensuring the LEDs wouldnt fall out of place. Next, I sewed the two pieces of felt together, sandwiching the LED lights inside. Finally, with the help of Saba, I stitched together the felt pieces to the foam exoskeleton, finishing that aspect of the headband.

    After finishing this, I talked with Saeed and Henry, and Saeed suggested that I go back and try and incorporate the EEG devices into the headband. Seemingly difficult, all this took was for me to go back to the sewing station, and carefully lift one side of the mask at a time, meticulously sewing the EEG devices to either side. Once this was completed, I was finally finished with the final prototype for our project. Just to make sure, Henry and I tested to make sure the LED lights and EEG devices still worked when plugged in, and thankfully, the headband produced the light we desired.