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  • Project Proposal

    I would really like to go out onto the streets of Cambridge and extend also to Boston. I’ve always really enjoyed photography but it is because of the Local Narratives studio that I had the opportunity to use a digital camera and apply what I learned in the classroom to what I was shooting on the streets.


    Similarly to the Local Narratives studio I would really like to shoot portrait and street photography. In the beginning of the studio I really struggled with the aspect of approaching people and taking their photos without permissions (and sometimes even with their permission). I felt really intrusive and afraid of what their reaction might be. As the week progressed I went home and read various articles written by some really great and famous street photographers explaining how they approached and set up their frames. I learned that it’s pointless to be timid because if the person didn’t want their picture taken they would just say so and there’s nothing wrong with that. I also learned a few tips about approaching a possible subject and asking if it’s okay to photograph them.

    The following are a few tips:

    • Accepting that people will say no
    • Remaining calm when approaching people (people tend to reflect other’s emotions)
    • Speak softly and don’t approach from the back.

    Unfortunately as I began to feel more comfortable the studio began to wrap up, and for this reason I had many more portrait photos opposed to candid photos. In the upcoming week I would really like to have a second try at creating street photos, capturing a glimpse into the lives of strangers that we pass by--oven unnoticed--in Cambridge and Boston daily. It would be great if I could also get a blog (Tumblr?) up and running with the various pictures that I take so that I could give the link to the people I photograph.