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Saba Ghole
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During our Studio Innovation Camp, participants will have the opportunity to experience NuVu’s studio model first hand. Through hands-on creative problem solving, participants will work through a real-world challenge in small teams with the guidance of our NuVu Coaches and gain a deeper understanding of the iterative design and innovation process. Participants will gain a working understanding of the skills, tools, technologies, media and professional level software we use at NuVu to support the design process; this includes rapid-prototyping, 3D modeling, laser cutting, 3D printing, visual design, electronics, storytelling, animation, and graphics. Participants do NOT need prior experience in the design or making process, but should arrive ready to work in a hands-on environment.


DAY 1: NuVu’s Studio Model
Participants will learn about NuVu’s studio model and pedagogy in depth. There will be opportunities for discussion of this pedagogy within the larger educational context. The day will also include a mini-challenge to get everyone’s creative juices flowing.

DAY 2-4: Hands-on Studio Experience
Participants will begin a 3-day Mini-Studio experience (a shorter version of NuVu’s typical 2-week Studio Module) and will go through the design process of brainstorming, prototyping, and iterating through a project. With the support of NuVu Coaches (visiting innovators and expert full-time staff), participants will advance their ideas through a critical, iterative design process. The Mini-Studio will culminate in a presentation that will offer insight into the guided presentation format NuVu implements in our studios.

DAY 5: Presentations & Reflection
Participants will present their final projects. With feedback and support from the NuVu Team, participants will have the opportunity to collaboratively reflect on the studio experience and the challenges and opportunities it creates in different learning environments.

Studio Track

Check out more details about the Studio Track during our Innovation Camp for Educators 2019 at