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Sarrus Wheel

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  • Since the beginning of time, society has sought to improve transportation. The wheel was one of the greatest inventions in the process of improving transportation. Invented in roughly 3500 B.C. , it originally served as a potter's wheel in Mesopotamia. 300 years later, it was concept was applied on chariots. 5216 years later, and while there has been some improvement to the chariot wheel, should we be asking if there are better ways to make a wheel? One that would further improve transportation?

    Must the wheel be round, persay? Could it be another shape? Some say," if it isn't broken, why fix it".  But does it have to be broken to make it better? What if a tank tread and a wheel were combined?  The benefit of a tank is, after all, the ability of the vehicle to manuever over rough terrain with ease.  It is the tread that allows for this ability but, a big draw back is the heavy weight of the vehicle and the slow speed. 

    We set out to see if it would it be possible to create a wheel that would allow the vehicle to scale the same terrain with half the weight and half the material.