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Skills Vest and OCD Device Exhibit

In:Accessible Exhibition | Projects

  • Kevin's Brief:

    The OCDevice and the Skills Vest's exhibits were made to display the Skills Vest and the OCDevice created by Nuvu students to help people with cerebral palsy and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    The Skills Vest's exhibit is an interactive exhibit that you can use special gloves to simulate CP. The OCD Cube's exhibit is also an interactive exhibit where you can interact with the environment around the table with the cube as well as the cube. These exhibits were created to show people who suffer from the conditions what is being done about it. The Skills Vest is helping kids who have CP to define their fine motor skills. The OCD Cube was made for helping control people's OCD. The exhibition was made so that people could find out more about NUVU and maybe even help contribute to the production of the product. For the Skills Vest, the table around it would have slots that the trial pieces could fit into and a place for the CP gloves to slide on. The OCD Cube has an environment that is uncanny and distracting to be in, it looks like a normal home but there are things about it that will get on your nerves. The picture frames will all be tilted just a little bit, the table will wobble, the light switches will all be in different variations, and the lamp shade would be tilted overall making the environment put you in the mindset of someone with OCD.