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Survival of the Fittest

Gaming to better health | Projects

  • Survival of the Fittest is a fitness app that is designed to place the user in friendly competition against the user's friends to see who can get the fittest.  Anyone can use this application from couch potatoes, to gym rats, to marathon runners this application can help you with your fitness needs or desire.  The various types of workouts and difficulty levels allow everyone to be able to grow physically from this app.  

    The inspiration for Survival of the Fittest came from other workout apps such as Zombies, Run! and the Nike fitness app.  One common trend we noticed among fitness applications was that they mostly just tracked your data and only you could access your data.  With survival of the fittest there is a point system for your workouts, and there is a leaderboard between you and your friends ranking you by how many points you have in comparison to your friends.  

    Survival of the Fittest has many different features inside the application.  There is a Challenge of the Day feature that allows you to do a different workout everyday.  There is a Free Run feature where you can do a workout and you will also get points for that workout.  You can also see your run route and other possible run routes for your runs.