Theo Chemel
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Coffee is an essential part of everyone's morning routine, but the machines we use to make it are really boring. Most coffee machines are nothing more than a black box, where grounds go in and a piping hot beverage comes out. Coffee would be so much more interesting if you could see what's going on. That's why I created the CoffeeBot, with a transparent case and lots of lights to help you see whats going on. My design was inspired by the Briggo Coffee Haus, with it's rotating door to display the coffee. My first prototype was made of cardboard, so it was impossible to see inside. I also wanted it to fresh grind the coffee, and add milk, sugar, and the like. However, I realized that I would never be able to finish this, so I simplified my design, with no add-ons and using pre-ground coffee. After these major design changes, I built my final prototype made of wood and acryllic.