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Perpetual Robot

Fantasy Toys | Projects

  • Our toy is a is a short marble track that resets its self. It has a spool of string that is connected to a motor that pulls a cart up a ramp. Once the cart reaches the top a marble falls through a hole and down on to the track. When the marble is released onto the track the cart continues until it reaches a button at the top, then the cart returns to the bottom to wait for the marble. Once the marble is released it travels down the track and falls into the cart were the process is repeated.


    We started of with the idea of a large tower and a gondola that would bring the ball up using a pulley system, but we realized that that would have been too difficult to build in two weeks. So we came up with the idea of a large complex marble track with a small robot car that would bring the marble back around by climbing the track, using gears, but this would have also take too much time. After a lot of brainstorming sessions, we came up with the ramp and pulley design that we are currently using. By the time we came up with this final design, it was already Wednesday and we needed to build it and get the electronics working. We decided to split up, one of us building the ramp, cart and track, and the other working on the electronics and programming. We ran into various problems trying to program the robot and align the track, but we finally overcame all obstacles and got the entire structure working, mostly.