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Build-A-Bot Modular Helping Robot

Fantasy Toys | Projects

  • We started by drawing out an image of what we wanted our robot to look like; then got to work.  The next day, we started working on our prototype.  After starting off with a boring square design, we desided to re-think our design to make it more interesting and unique.  We drew up a bunch of ideas, and decided to go with a cylinder shaped design.  Then, we noticed that the wheels were a little small, and the ball barings kept them off the ground.  To fix this, we simply adjusted the size of the wheels so they would be on the ground along with the ball barings.

    There were various issues we encountered along the way.The first problem was simply the circular design.  It could not be all terrain and could definenty not be 4WD. Also I thought The motors were fast and did meet my standard.

    . To fix this, we cut our LED strip so that it would not take up as much power, and more power could be allocated to the motors to ensure maximum super fast speed.  Another problem encountered with the bot was that the servos were not functioning correctly.  We had to trouble shoot and figure out the various issues.  They ranged from the servos being dead, to errors in the code which needed to be debugged.  

    After facing these various issues in our design, we now feel that we have a super awesome helping robot.  It is able to fit multiple different cool and useful tools on top, like a flashlight, moving bowl, and many more possibilities.  It also looks nice with the flashing LED lights and its unique circular design.