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Fantasy Cars | Projects

  • In a world, where the earth has been completely flooded by global warming. Humanity now survives on floating dock cities that are anchored to the tallest peaks in the world, mars has now become colonized, the boat car is the most popular mode of transportation as it is equipped with a launcher that can fling objects into orbit so they can be picked up by rockets and be brought to mars. Our first major design iteration was a boat that could travel on both water and used rockets for space travel. Then after we thought of practicality of that design and the difficulty of building such a craft, so we decided to build a boat that could launch an object into orbit. Soon after we started to design our tri-miran we were informed that our boat would not be able to be tested on water because o the limitations of our testing area. We then decided to make a monohull boat (boat with one hull) that could traverse both land and water. These ideas led us to make a boat with water turbines for wheels and that it would use those turbines to drive in water. If we were to continue to work on our boat/car we would attempt to waterproof both the electronics and the other components, then finally test it in the water. Some of the major challenges were getting our motors and the adapters to fit into our hull, we overcame this by using the drill press to widen the holes and used screws to tighten down the holes.