Environmental Bots

Environmental Bots

Saba Ghole
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Threats to endangered animals from humans and non-native species, extreme weather, and pollution are jeopardizing the natural environment. Scientists, lay-people and politicians are working to alter this change through cultural shifts, technology, and new ways of thinking about energy and environmental remediation. But what can you do?

In this studio, students will create “ecodroids,” or ecological bots, that help nature fight back. Students will begin by studying our most pressing ecological issues and support nature in its response to human encroachment. As part of our research, we’ll look at the field of Biologically Inspired Engineering, in which engineers, scientists and designers take inspiration from nature and natural processes to expand existing technologies and invent new fields. We’ll use this knowledge to inform the design of our ecodroids and engineer specific features that assist our endangered animal. This studio will call into question our fundamental understanding of what robots are, and how they interact with the ecosystem. Students will fabricate using 2D and 3D modeling, laser cutting and 3D printing and learn to use microprocessors or mechanical design to actuate their devices. Get ready to use design, engineering, and robotics in the service of nature.


Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:


   Physics (Electricity, Magnetism)




   Robotics (Arduino)

   Sensors & Actuators

   Digital Fabrication (Laser-cutting, 3d Printing)

   3d Modeling


  • Enrolling students must be between the ages of 8 to 10