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Puppy Love

Encryption AR | Projects

  • Rosella -

    Puppy Love has a four-fold purpose: To provide people who cannot afford or aren't ready for a real dog with the experience of having one, to help train potential dog owners in the care and responsibility required, to show potential dog owners the reward of owning a dog, and helping to promote the idea of adopting a dog from a shelter rather than buying a puppy from a breeder or store. It does all of these and more by using augmented reality or “AR” to place the user’s virtual pet into reality. After picking the perfect dog from the Virtual Shelter, the user gets to bring it home and play with it similarly to how one would with a real dog. Pets, and more specifically dogs, are at the top of many children’s wish lists. While their intentions in getting a dog are good, not all children are ready for a pet. “Puppy Love” helps children learn the responsibility and consistency that comes with owning a pet. It also shows potential dog owners the reward of owning a dog, as well as the not so rewarding things, like cleaning up after your dog.
    “Puppy Love” uses a software called Vuforia to project AR dogs onto a phone screen and into the real world. The dogs are made in MagicaVoxel and later animated to make them more lifelike. Puppy Love uses the idea of truly learning pet care and responsibility by actually doing it. By moving your phone or interacting with the screen, you are also interacting with your dog. The more you play, the more the user and their said pet to bond with each other. The dog will let you know how it is feeling depending on how it’s tail moves.


    Clio -

    Pet companion app - Dogs are some of the easiest pets to get companionship from. Most dogs are kid friendly and so much love to their family. So, what family wouldn't want a dog? One of the biggest reasons parents refuse to get there children dogs is because dogs are to much work to take care of, almost like "an extra kid". Before refusing to get a dog because of its needs how about understanding what its like taking care of a dog without investing the money into getting one. The Pet Companion app allows the user to do everything with a dog you'd do in real life through a phone screen. The user adopts a dog, names the dog, and brings it home. Then until the user feels they're ready to get a real dog the user will walk, discipline, train, and feed the virtual dog. There is also an information sheet on the app giving information on how to care for a dog. By interacting with the dog through your phone you learn so much and hopefully gain enough confidence that you can take care of a dog in real life. This app was used with Unity and Majicavoxel.