Dog Candles


Maddie Mullin
1 / 21

The fast moving and fantastic smelling robot.  The robot moves around, while running your dog crazy and releasing a delicious smell.  The idea behind this object is that when a dog is left at home while it's owner is gone for a long time, the dog gets bored!  No more being bored, lonely, lost because now their is the dog candle!

The dog candle was made using a variety of machines and tools.  We used a 3-D printer to cut object such as a small box, what to be used to put the dogs favorite scent in ( still unsure of exactly what we are going to use for that scent). We also used cardboard in the beginning stages to make Prototypes of ideas.  It has been a long process but our outcome definitely was worth all the work.  Our machine will be controlled by a motor and move all around the surface of one's home when their are gone.  The idea behind having a dog's favorite scent is that it will attract the dog to follow the robot and enjoy the smell coming from it.  The smell will make the dog want to run around with this robot and get some quick "play time in".  The fantastic, and truly amazing dog candle will never leave your dog alone.  It will give your dog the sense of happiness and freedom to run around while the owner is working hard in the office.