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Nya Rudek
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Emotion Armour is a necklace used to stylishly allow the user to feel protected. Emotion Armour puts the user in the state of mind that allows them to feel safe, almost like a locket or other jewelry that people can feel a connection with. This necklace can be worn by anyone who could use an extra boost of self confidence and protection.

Emotion Armour is based off of the idea of a chest plate. A chest plate protects the wearer and makes them feel safe. Although this necklace cannot fend off dangerous threats as a chest plate would, it gives the user the same feeling of safety and protection. Emotion Armour is a long, low-hanging necklace that is centered around the user's heart to allow emotional connection. This necklace is made of 3D printed hexagons that give this design an interesting pattern. These pieces fit together with a fabric background to allow the necklace to fall easily over the user's chest. Emotion Armour is a elegant accessory that also has the effect to boost confidence. 

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Nya Rudek
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