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Marine Ecosystem

Design Fundamentals | Projects

  •  Siena Brief:

    Marine Ecosystem is a chess set that shows the intelligence of marine life animals, and portrays them in the ocean. The project is intended to educate people about intelligent marine life. In this, every piece is a different marine animal (ranked 1 to 6) from most intelligent animals, like a dolphin being king, to the pawn being a clownfish. 

    This chess set is created with blue liquid mixed with resin to make each piece appear as if it's in the ocean. The ranking system symbolizes how each animal connects with a intelligent trait, for example the sea lion piece shows it balancing a ball on its nose, highlighting its' ability to learn. The set exists to allow a simple chess game to teach people about marine life. This project is created for people who are interested in learning more about marine life. We chose a dolphin to be the king, a octopus to be the queen, a killer whale to be the bishop, a sea lion to be the knight a great white shark to be the rook and a clownfish is a pawn.

    Kevin's Brief:

    This chess set, A Hierarchy of Intelligent marine animals, represents the different chess pieces based on their level of intelligence. The pieces are made of clay and posed to show one quality that they show through their poses.

    The Marine Intelligence chess set has a hierarchy like any other chess set: the pieces are defined by the intelligence each marine animal. Each animal is made of clay and encased in blue resin. The resin looks like water surrounding the animals and gives off floating in the ocean effect. There are six different pieces in the chess set. The king is represented by the smartest marine animal, the dolphin. The queen is an octopus, the bishop is a killer whale, the knights are sea lions, and the rooks are great white sharks. The pawns are just an assortment of colorful fish, crabs, and seahorses.