The Tactile Tree

Abby Burgess and Gwyn McLear
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Abby Burgess: An art piece in the form of a plant that displays an array of different textures designed to engage a user's tactical and auditory senses. This plant features leaves decorated with different materials ranging from smooth to grainy to crinkly.

All of the leaves on the plant vary in size and material. Materials used to fabricate the leaves include lace, foam, glue, and other forms of fabric.  Connected to each leaf is a contrasting sound to toy with the expectations based on the senses. To interact with this product, one must touch and fiddle with the leaves of the plant. It only works when one touches the leaves. The purpose of this project is to allow people to feel and hear a visual piece of art. 

Gwyn McClear: A plant that is altered as a textile art piece that people can touch, move, and manipulate in whatever way they choose. The plant is altered with glued fabrics, metal, foam, and other materials on the leaves and stems to make a tactile playground for the user.

This project was created to allow people to interact with different textures in a way that they may not have experienced before. In addition, it is also a personalized piece that allows users to explore the plant in whichever way they choose, allowing for a diversity in experiences and understandings of the piece.  The plant leaves feature different textures and patterns, which allow users to have a different and unique experience depending on the leaf.