Nicholas Vaream and 2 OthersAram Soultanian
Hudson Roddy
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Golfer often don't know how their weight is distributed throughout their swing which may lead to unintended ball flight. So that's why we created the Swing Stance. The Swing Stance is a pressure pad and accompanying interface that displays, measures and records weight distribution throughout the user's swing.


Nicholas Vaream and 2 OthersHudson Roddy
Aram Soultanian
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For presidents we used doctor scholls foot map to inspire our idea and and golf turf to hide everything. Our sketches show the basic ideas we had during the building process. We had two iterations and their was not much that changed. The only thing that was different was our platform. We started off with just a box as a platform and then we changed it to it being completely flat. Our final photo shows how you would stand on our platform with all the sensors. The final photo in the booth is basically just a nicer photo of our project