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Cyborg Enhancements | Projects

  • Maddie Johnson-Harwitz

    The E-Motion Skirt provides a fashionable and artistic way to communicate non-verbally. A belt with arm-like appendages is hidden under the skirt to create an artistic form of nonverbal communication. The appendages are attached to the wearer's arms and hands by strings. When the arms raised above the head, the skirt creates a butterfly-like shape with the fabric. On each side of what would be the wings, the red fabric would be revealed. When the skirt is lifted up it conveys love and when it is lifted in front of the user and the joints are moved around, it conveys anger. The movement and colors of a butterflies wings and the way they communicate nonverbally was an important inspiration for the E-Motion Skirt. Another meaningful inspiration for the skirt is a flamenco dancer and the way they use their skirt to communicate emotion and express themselves through movement. Many people in the world cannot communicate verbally, for various reasons, and the E-Motion Skirt could help them feel more confident and integrated into society. Many people who are non-verbal struggle due to their difference and the fact that many others do not care to accommodate them. This skirt would help them communicate their emotions with others and express that they are not invisible. The E-Motion Skirt is also a fashionable piece that wouldn't make the user feel self-conscious. The E-Motion Skirt creates a bridge between people, connecting them through novel forms of communication and opening them up to learning from people different from themselves. The hope is that the E-Motion Skirt will raise awareness of the challenges faced by people who are nonverbal and will inspire people to do more to include them.

    Mila A. Contreras Godfrey

    There are many people who are unable to communicate verbally and express their emotions well through sign language. Even those who do know sign language may not be able to communicate with those who around them don’t.  The E-motion Skirt allows the users to express their emotion artistically through fashion as an extension of the user. Pieces of wood that have been inserted into the skirt in the front are connected to the arms and allow for the user to create different motions or make different gestures using their forearms and/or wrists. By moving your arms up, down, or to the sides you can move the direction of the added limbs. By pulling the second string you are able to create a bending motion at the joint of the appendage to create signals and other movements. Raising your arms above the users head they will reveal the color red, symbolizing love. If the user bends the “arms” in a fast past it symbolizes anger.  The E-motion Skirt is based on the movements and colors of butterflies. The skirt is also based off of the emotions Flamenco dancers can express using their skirts to exaggerate emotions and feelings. E-motion Skirt combines art and functionality to create a statement that also allows for a new way of communication.