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A Cold Homecoming

Counter Monument | Projects

  • A Cold Homecoming: An installation that highlights the overwhelming number of homeless veterans in the United States. Instead of having a monument to veterans by depicting them fighting in wars, this counter monument shows the difference between a soldier fighting in the war and a veteran fighting homelessness.

    This counter monument aims to address the developing epidemic of homeless veterans in America. It is estimated that between 130,000 and 200,000 veterans are homeless on any given night, consisting of between 20% and 25% of all homeless individuals. Female veterans, veterans with mental and physical disabilities, and veterans returning from current wars have higher rates of becoming homeless. These statistics show the lack of support many veterans receive after returning from combat. A Cold Homecoming depicts two figures: a soldier resting during a battle holding their rifle with a helmet on top, and the other a homeless person slumped over holding a sign that says "Homeless Vet". These two figures are the same person at different points in time.

    A key aspect of this monument is the interaction between the two figures. At first, the figures will be back to back, but when activated by a user through pushing rods on each side of the monument, the figures will phase through each other to become face to face. The figures will be consisted of sliced pieces to create a three-dimensional figure. This movement allows the soldier to face their future and demonstrates to the audience  the cold reality of what veterans face when they return home.